About Me

My name is Christina Holcomb.  I am a Winston-Salem, North Carolina photographer who obviously, I loves photography.  My first "photo love" struck at sixteen years old when I received a 35mm film camera for my birthday. From there, I started developing black and white film in my family's laundry room and learned as much as I could about my camera. This early knowledge has been the greatest factor in the start of my business over four years ago.  Yes, it only took me 40 years to figure out I was destined for photography!   As much as I love photography, I love my family even more!  I am the wife of a terrific husband and the mother of two beautiful daughters. My oldest is entering her junior year at Auburn University. By the way, Auburn is where my husband and I met.  My, how time flies!!!! My younger daughter, a recent 2015 Senior, is an avid volleyball player and can sing the words to almost any country music song. She is a freshman at Auburn University.  In addition to always bringing a smile and a good laugh, my husband is a marathon runner and my biggest supporter. He calls himself "THE LIGHT GUY".


The newly relocated studio is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.  I love having this space for CHP's growing business. Please drop by and check out my latest projects.

 I am a member of both the PPNC and PPA.  These professional photography organizations are vital to keeping me current with the ever changing technology and photographic trends.  Thanks to PPNC, I recently attended another year of East Coast School for photography.   Lastly, my friends call me Christy.  I think it would be great if you did too!   Hope to meet you soon!